How do I serve process on a foreign (out-of-state) company?

I need to serve process on a foreign (non-New Jersey) corporation because I am suing it in the Superior Court of NJ. As far as I know, it is not registered in NJ, but it has contacts with the state because it ships products here and has thousands of NJ-based affiliates that help it market its products. Can I serve process on the company’s agent in Washington State (where the company is registered) or do I need to serve process on a NJ-based registered agent? If the latter, how can I find out if the corporation has a registered agent in NJ? What if it doesn’t have one?

Paterson, NJ -

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Peter Joseph Lamont

Peter Joseph Lamont

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Hawthorne, NJ

I would need more information before I could provide you with a proper response. However, you may have long arm jurisdiction. Therefore, you could use a process server to serve the defendant out of state via their registered agent.

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Ricardo O'Neil Bernard

Ricardo O'Neil Bernard

Venture Capital Attorney - New York, NY

I agree with my colleague with respect to the long arm statute or potentially serving the registered agent. However, you should retain counsel for these issues as it is more likely that a licensed attorney in your state can give you an accurate answer.

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