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How do I secure my good employment history despite being falsely accused and forced to be fired or change locations?

Seattle, WA |

I am 33 years old, I have been working since I was 16 years old and have never been fired from a job. Nor have I ever been put in the position mentioned in my question. I was not told what I specifically did wrong until today (Monday) and was taken off of the schedule Wednesday last week. The had someone else work my shifts last week.

The owner said, "We were told that you are acting like you do not care about your job and your reports are not on time, so we want to move you to a different location within the company." I would be doing the exact same job at the new location.

I can prove that I am being falsely accused.

I asked the owner to show me the complaints and he refused. He said the decision was made last week and I either move or I am fired.

Washington is an at-will state.

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You have the right by the Washington Administrative Code to inspect your employee file at least annually. Ask to review it and see if there is a written record of the incident and action your describe.

If there is, you have the right to place a statement in your file with your version. There is no way to force the employer to resolve this issue, that is far as it goes.

You have not suffered adverse employment action just by being relocated. You don't state whether the relocation is to another state, another city, another outlet in the same city, or whether it is within the current building. If someone maliciously made up the allegations, you could sue them for defamation, but I don't know what damages you have suffered, if any, because relocation by itself does not tell me how you are being harmed.

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