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How do I review the legality of an independent contractor agreement?

Nashville, TN |

I recently signed an independent contractor agreement with a company. After two months, I am finding that the payment policies are suspect and unreliable. Many friends have mentioned they are likely illegal. I want to simply leave, but the agreement I signed dictates a $250 fee to resign within the first 90 days of employment. I need someone to review the payment practices and legality of the original agreement, but do not have the funds to hire an attorney.

Any/all help is appreciated!

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I realize you have said you don't have the funds to hire an attorney, however the question you are asking requires training and experience to answer. It would be similar if you posted to a medical practitioners' board asking how to set a broken leg. It is not possible to provide an answer to your question without a lot more information, and an attorney in your area with knowledge of state laws regarding contractor agreements and labor laws. If there is a law school near by, you might see if they have a legal clinic that can help you get started.


If you are looking to have an attorney review the agreement without payment, I would also suggest contacting one of the attorneys from the following list of pro bono attorneys and programs in your state:

Good luck to you!


You really must hire an attorney to address this issue. If you are only wanting a document review, you may be able to find an attorney willing to do this for a nominal fee. Alternatively, you may want to look into the pro bono programs in your area. It would be a bit of a drive for you coming for Nashville, but the University of Tennessee has a business clinic that may be able to help you. You can visit their website at:


You may contact me or search for other local employment lawyers through the Avvo search. Some lawyers will give you a free initial consultation. Good luck.

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