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How do I respond to a propsed Parenting Plan?

Lynnwood, WA |

My husband served me divorce papers including a parenting plan, I do not agree with. I have filled out a new parenting plan and am not sure where to find the response form, the one I can find the numbers to mark agree, disagree or lacking info does not match up to the numbers on the parenting plan. Please tell me how to find the correct response for to form WPF DR 01.0400. Also my husband filed in King County and we both live and have always lived in Snohomish County, also where our daughter lives is it worth doing an objection to jurisdiction?

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Unless you are planning to represent yourself, you should promptly find your attorney and review your specific facts with the attorney. You likely have only 20 days from the day following the date of service to respond. A failure to timely respond may result in a default order against you.

On the other hand, judges in WA do not like default orders. Given that the court cannot sign final orders is a dissolution case unless at least 90 days have passed since the last triggering event, your response to the petition likely will be fine even if it is a few days later than 20 days.

Sometimes people file their dissolution petitions in neighboring counties to avoid publicity or perceived bias of the court. Some people also file in a different county because they do not know any better. If you and the children live in Snohomish County, you have the right to ask the court to move the proceeding to Snohomish County.

You need to be careful in the order of filing your objection and answer.

The way to respond to a proposed parenting plan is to file your own parenting plan. The mandatory pattern forms for WA family law proceedings are free at . There are links to instructions and self-help guides at that site. WA LawHelp has informative self-help guides.

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