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How do i respond or do i have to respond to a 20 day summons i received?

Zephyrhills, FL |
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I was in an accident and i am being sued for 8000, money i do not have, a 20 day summons was dropped off at my in laws house for some reason...not mine???? and i got it with just over 10 days left to respond i am now panicking ass the deadline nears. i do not have the money for an attorney and i was found at fault in the accident even though there were no citations issued. Do i need to reply to this if i am not doing anything and im accepting the judgement, or am i required to respond.

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Make sure you send the summons and complaint to your insurance company.Yes you have to respond even if you send a letter to the court and the opposing attorney. If you do not the judgment may be larger than you think.


As mentioned above, notify your insurance company about this matter immediately. As also mentioned above, you need to respond to the complaint within 20 days after you were served with the summons and complaint to avoid having a default entered against you.

If you have an attorney, you should contact him/her about this matter. Your attorney can help ensure that your insurance company does what it's supposed to do in the way of providing you with a defense against these claims.

If you do not have an attorney, you might try The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service. This service provides referrals to local attorneys who will conduct an initial one-half hour office consultation for $25. The telephone number for this service is 1-800-342-8011.

You might also try Gulfcoast Legal Services at (813) 490-9412. This organization provides legal aid services in your area.

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