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How do I request a refund from a dentist?

East Brunswick, NJ |

I had a dental crown done a year ago and last week I went for check up to another dentist who discovered a decay under that crown and said that I have to get it removed to clean a decay and to get a new crown instead. I would like to get a refund from a dentist who did the first crown but I don't know how to do it. I contacted several attorneys about this issue and they were not interested in my case for economic reasons. What else can be done in this case?

I didn't ask for a refund directly yet because I am not interested if the first dentist offers to fix the problem even for free because I don't trust him anymore.

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    Have you considered just asking for a refund directly by referencing the other dentist's findings? You can always file a grievance or file for dental malpractice if the dentist refuses to handle the complaint professionally.

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  2. Just because you got decay under your crown doesn't mean the crown was not done properly, as you may have gotten cervical caries at the margin which spread, and you can ask the dentist who replaced the crown if that was the case. However, you can ask your dentist for a refund if you like.

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  3. I agree with Mr. Savage. Send a certified letter to the dentist and explain in basic terms why you want a refund and how much you think is fair. This step would be a precursor to a lawsuit anyway, and you may find the dentist agrees to your request or is at least willing to negotiate a "settlement" with you. Good luck!

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  4. It is best to make the request in writing and give a specific amount that you think is fair. If the dentist is willing to give a refund, be prepared that he might offer less than the amount you first requested.

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