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How do I Report a Georgia State Patrol or how should I handle this situation

Macon, GA |

Friday night I was pulled over by a Georgia State patrol officer when Asked him why he pulled me over he was very rude to me and told me my registration was suspended he ended up giving me a ticket, then he apparently didnt like how i signed my name on the ticket and told me he was towing my car to call someone to come pick me and my not even 2 year old up, when i told him i didnt have a phone he told me thats not his problem, I ended up having to walk up a VERY busy highway in the freezing cold with my daughter I feel that he put my safety and my daughters safety in jeopardy I have his name and badge number but cant figure out how to report him, what should I do?

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  1. Go to the Georgia State Patrol website. Locate the Post closest to the area where you were stopped (that is likely where he works). There will be an address and a telephone number for that POST. Call the number and confirm that he works there. Then send a written complaint in to the POST commander.

    Good luck to you. This sounds like an unfortunate situation. I would observe, however, that if your registration was expired he can lawfully have your vehicle towed as it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle with a suspended registration. With that said, it is pretty unusual for an officer to do so.

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