How do i remove myself from lawsuit of fathers estate for unpaid taxes in state of TX

Asked over 2 years ago - Springfield, MO

My father passed away ( 2 yrs ) He died with NO Will.
He left a debt of unpaid property taxes in state of Texas. His taxes are more then the home is vauled at. I do not want or seek any gain.

There are 4 siblings, which one has passed but has 4 children.
Am trying to do what is right - How do i address this lawsuit and how do i remove myself?

Additional information

I have never sued or been sued - will this be on my record and hurt me or my husband?

I am the only child that stepped up and tried to help my father in his last months . I tried to the best of my abilities to take care of his affairs. Thank you

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  1. Steven W. Ledbetter


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    Answered . First, I recommend that you contact a lawyer in TX.

    Commonly, however, if taxes remain unpaid for long enough, the property will be auctioned to the highest bidder so that the taxing agency can recoup something. For this reason you'll want to pay attention to any timeframes and deadlines that might be applicable to the payment of the taxes.

  2. Donald Joseph Quinn II

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    Answered . Are you in the lawsuit? Is that because you are on the title? Ask counsel in TX to address this issue for you or first call the agency in charge of suit and see what they suggest you do.

    Legal disclaimer: This answer does not constitute legal advice. I am admitted to practice law in the State of... more
  3. Kamryn Maris Caldwell

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    Answered . This factual scenario, if accurate, is very unusual. You should not be a party to the suit....UNLESS you are listed as an owner in the county property records. Heirs are not personally responsible for a decedent's delinquent property taxes as such taxes are recovered from the estate. I recommend you contact a Texas attorney for a brief consultation to make sure you are not listed as a property owner and, thus, subject to personal liability for unpaid taxes.

    This attorney can be contacted via email at or via phone at 817.305.7170. The above... more

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