How do I remove myself as POA for someone in a nursing home that is not capable of choosing an alternate?

Do I need an attorney or can I just write a letter?

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Scott James Golightly

Scott James Golightly

Estate Planning Attorney - Richmond, VA

You should be able to just resign as agent. A letter should do it. If the principal (person making the power) did not pick a successor agent in the POA, the court may have to get involved to appoint a guardian or conservator to act on the person's behalf.

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Mary Tom

Mary Tom

Estate Planning Attorney - Wayne, NJ

The problem with your inquiry is I do not know from your description whether the person who gave you the Power of Attrorney is competent. If he or she is not competent, a resignation by you may be ineffective, as the resignation is given someone who lack capacity to do anything about it notice that you no longer wish to act.

You should consult with an experienced elder law attorney to discuss what can/should be done.

Good luck.

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