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How do I remove an 18 year old from my home

Kearny, NJ |
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My son is 18 years old and has been stealing and is disrespectful to me and his dad and does not follow the house rules. I have three other children in the home and don't want this to interfer with their up bringing. He works and has not givien any money towards any bills, provided any food towards the household and wishes to have the freedow to do as he pleases in our home. I want him removed from my home and was told by the police that I have to go thro some channels to have this done. We live in New Jersey. Can anyone give me legel advise as to how I can have him taken out of my home.

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Hello there,

Kindly ask your son to move out. If he doesn't do so immediately call the police so they can tell him he is trespassing. If he doesn't want to leave with the officer telling him to get out, the officer can escort him to a new place called jail.


Erick Platten

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If your son is 18 you can ask him to leave the home. I do not think you have raised the requisite facts which would support the issuing of a Temporary or Final Restraining Order.

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