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How do i put money on an inates account so he can make calls to me

Winter Springs, FL |

I need help

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  1. Call the jail or the prison and ask them what their procedure is. This is really more of an administrative question than a legal question, and you just need to work through the frustrating bureaucracy at the jail to get to the right person to tell you. If you are having trouble, start with the office of the warden or the director and that person's assistant should be able to tell you who you need to talk to. You can usually locate the jail or prison online, and then just go to the contact information for the head honcho, and start there.

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  2. Try going to A lot of the court jails use this system.

  3. I've never had to do this but I have had inmates call me and there is a recording asking if I want to set up an account so that my phone number will accept calls from this inmate - so perhaps have him call you and then just go through the process on the phone?

    I would imagine if you ask at the jail, they can tell you the process.

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  4. Call the jail!