How do I provide for my special needs son who is turning 17 soon? Do I need a special trust set up for him? What kind of

Attorney do I seek out? My son is certainly capable of working independently but he does have a classified learning disability. Is he eligible for Medicaid? Not sure how to proceed in the best interest of my son.

Westbury, NY -

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Matthew Erik Johnson

Matthew Erik Johnson

Estate Planning Attorney - Seattle, WA

1, He may be able to apply for SSDI if his disability is bad enough. However, if he is capable of working, he may not qualify.
2. You would be wise to in one or more life insurance policies. One term life that would be placed into an irrevocable life insurance trust (to save taxes), and make sure that the trustee (the person handling the money) is different than the person who will be actually taking care of your son (the guardian), if he needs one.
3. You may also want to take out some sort of savings plan life insurance policy that will grow over time. This won't give you the bulk money you may need with term, but will be there if you live past the age of 60, at which point term insurance is hugely expensive or impossible to get

With these two things in place, he should be a least moderately set up to have the financial backing he may need for the rest of his life.

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James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick

Estate Planning Attorney - Livonia, MI

You should consult with an estate planning attorney regarding a possible special needs trust for your son. That will allow him to (continue to) receive government assistance without the need to spend down his inheritance first.

James Frederick

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