How do i proceed to get an annulment in texas?

this marriage was a fast decision , it happened under a little of pressure from the two of us 8 months ago, we both agree that it shouldn t have happened. the marriage was not consumated. how do we proceed, the husband is overseas ? is it possible if he s not present? thank you

Dallas, TX -

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John Walter Robinson

John Walter Robinson

Family Law Attorney - Irving, TX

Texas is very specific on what can be annulled. There are some provisions that are different pertaining to people age under 16 and up to 18. For adults annulment may be granted if one party to the marriage was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one party is impotent and the other party didnt know it, if there was fraud, duress or force in inducing the marriage, if one party didnt have mental capacity to undertake marriage, if one party conceals a marriage.. All of the above require that the other party did not co-habitate once he or she learned of one of these conditions. Speak with an attorney on this.

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