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How do I plea to a domestic battery 3rd degree charge?

Prairie Grove, AR |
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I have had a couple speeding tickets but never anything this serious. I had drank too much one night and my husband and his friends were trying to get me into the car and I just wanted to walk to a friends house nearby. While my husband was trying to shove me in the car I bit him so he would let go. which he did. He finally let me walk to my friends. I never made it because someone saw me walking in cold weather at night with no jacket and called the police. After I had told them what happen they arrested me for biting him. I have no idea what to expect or what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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Initially, you should plead "not guilty" and then talk with a local attorney. That attorney will fully analyze your case, investigate, negotiate with the prosecutor and advise you about the best course of action.

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You need to be very careful before you plead guilty to a Domestic Battery charge. Even though it is only a misdemeanor, it carries very serious consequences. For example, under Federal law, you can never own or be in possession of a firearm if you plead or are found guilty of this charge.

As the other attorney said, you need to speak to a good criminal attorney. If you need a recommendation for an attorney in NW Arkansas, give me a call. I previously practiced in that area and can give you some names.

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