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How do I make sure the mediator has the evidence prior to the mediation date?

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I need to file an order to show cause for child custody/visitation modification orders. The papers were prepared by an attorney but I unfortunately do not have the money to proceed further, so I need to represent myself. I have a lot of evidence that I want the court to consider during mediation and during the hearing (reports from child therapists, a time line of missed visitations, etc.) How do I make sure that these papers reach the mediator? Do I have to hire someone to serve the papers onto the mediators office? Do I just bring them to the mediation appointment and show them to the mediator? Thank you

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You MUST serve it on them other party before the mediation (at lesat 5 days before preferably) so the other party has a chance to read and prepare to respond to it. If you dont serve it the mediator CAN'T consider it. Please keep in mind that if you send more documents than can be read in say a half hour then the mediator probably WON'T read them for lack of time and because it may borre them. So bring QUALITY not QUANTITY OF exhibits. Also, you cannot serve the exhibits yourself. You would be better to pay a local family law attorney just to help you decide what exhibits, and to help you serve them and show you how to file them properly.

You should seek an experienced local family law attorney.

Thomas Neil is a Sacramento attorney, with 20 years experience, representing clients in court in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and surrounding counties. Or, if you cannot afford full representation then Mr. Neil can instead write you the forms and declaration you need, help you serve them, and tell you what to say and you can go to court by yourself. A well written declaration by an attorney, supported by proper evidence, will GREATLY increase your chances of success in court. Our office takes credit cards.

Thomas A Neil
3224 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 446-4153

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EAch county has different procedure and some counties do not accept paperwork. Check with the facilitator's office in your local courthouse.

This is not a comprehensive answer and it is impossible to provide a meaningful response without a consultation. Call us for more information. 619.797.5456

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As laws differ from state to state, you are best advised to contact the mediator's office and inquire as to how they desire the paperwork handled. Most mediators are quite understanding of, and helpful to, pro-se clients.

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Each County in California will have different procedures and local rules. Consult with a California Family law attorney in your local county.

You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established

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