How do I make a clear, concise agreement with an independent contracted programmer for use of his source code?

Start up video game company working with an independent contracted programmer who wants guarantee of payment for use of his code. Need guidance drafting a contract that states he will be compensated appropriately based on net revenue of game sales so long as he is actively working on and updating the product game. How can I guarantee that the code he shares with us belongs to our company but also provide assurance that he will be compensated appropriately for the services he is providing?

Savannah, GA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Glenn M. Lyon

Glenn M. Lyon

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

You can accomplish all of this by having a local business attorney draft the agreement for you.

Scott Benjamin Riddle

Scott Benjamin Riddle

Bankruptcy Attorney - Atlanta, GA

The solution, and the only way to guaranty a contract to do what you want it to do, is to get a business lawyer to draft an appropriate agreement. To guide you through the process basically means drafting the agreement for you, which is well beyond the scope of this site.

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