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How do I legally remove people from living on my property?

Dolan Springs, AZ |

3 months ago my wife and I told a couple that we knew from church that we had a vacant travel trailer that they could stay in because they had no place to go. This was to be only "temporary" until they found a place of their own. Since then it has been a case of, "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished". They have no income and refuse to look for work. They are constantly fighting and are very disrespectful to both me and my wife. they act as if we owe them this place to live. we have not asked them for any finances for the last 3 months even tho our electric and water bills have doubled since their being here. They use our phone whenever they want and have given it out to other who call here expecting us to drop everything and give them messages.

things have escallated as I told them they have to be out by the end of month. My wife and I are afraid that things will get violent or some other form of retaliation from them. we just want them gone and to return to a quiet life.

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