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How do i legally break a apartment lease?

Renton, WA |

There has been several things that has wanted me tomove.
1. somebody is growing weed and i can smell it constantly in my apartment
2. Really loud/parties all week/weekand
3. somebody has meseed with my laundry parking occasionally
along with several other things that dont make the apartment a nice place to live. i just want to break my lease early and still be able to get my deposit back so i can move but i dont know how to. and even talking to the land lady she hasnt done anything about the complaints

Shoreline, WA

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Based on what you've provided, you may be able to break your lease in the future on a breach of quiet enjoyment/constructive eviction action. However any leaving a lease early, without the agreement of the landlord, risks a lawsuit later on. You may win the lawsuit of course, but it would still be a pain to fight.

Your best bet is to document all these issues in detail. Keep a log of the bad acts of your neighbors and the dates they happened. At some point sent a letter to your landlord, certified mail, with these acts and your interest in leaving the apartment. You two may be able to work something out that makes everyone happy. Good luck!

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