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How do I know what to answer in the DS-160 form about being ten-printed?

Franklin, TN |

I'm trying to apply for a tourist Visa from my home country.

I'm not sure if it is asking if I've been 10 printed in the US or in my home country?

I'm sure I have been 10 printed in my Home country, but don't remember if I have in the US

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    Please excuse my directness ... But, it is difficult to believe that you don't remember having been fingerprinted by an official in the US, or at a US Consulate.

    It is a 'memorable' experience.

    Say no and they'll print you again.

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  2. You are required to answer all questions truthfully. If you were fingerprinted in the US then you must disclose that information. Failure to incorrectly provide information on visa application may lead to ban from entering the US. Did you ever got fingerprinted at the US consulate or in the US? If yes, then your response must be yes, if not then no.