How do I know what forms to use to file a lien in North Dakota?

How do I know what procedures and forms to use to file a lien in North Dakota? We are a civil engineering firm that provided services for a company in North Dakota and are now coming up on 90 days from when last services were performed, having yet to be paid by the client. The ND Secretary of State and the Clerk for Williams County both were unhelpful in providing details as to filing procedures, forms, methods, etc. I found the link to forms on the ND Secretary of State web page but am unclear as to which form to properly use. Thanks!

Stanley, ND -

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Stephen M Trezza

Stephen M Trezza

Bankruptcy Attorney - Tucson, AZ

You need an attorney. It sounds like you are entitled to some kind of mechanics lien. These types of liens have very specific procedures which if not followed correctly result in a void lien. Would you want a lawyer performing technical engineering tasks that you are certain they wont get right? Hire a professional so you have a chance to get paid.

Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Bankruptcy Attorney - Glen Allen, VA

Don't listen to an out of state lawyer. Mechanics liens are specific to state law and apply to real property. There is not enough information here to answer if the question were asked in my state. Talk to a local attorney for help.

Mr. Goldstein is a Virginia-licensed attorney only. The information is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.... more

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