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How do I know if I'm not allowed to drink while on court supervision for a dui in Illinois?

Aurora, IL |

I assume it would be clearly written somewhere on my supervision sheet but I want to make sure.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Almost every DUI supervision order states that the Defendant is to avoid consuming alcohol. If you do not see it on your Order you can check with your Probation Officer or Attorney.

  2. With this answer I mean absolutely no disrespect to learned IL counsel who has already responded to your question. He has provided sound legal advice to the question as stated. Here's my thoughts. The fact that you are answering that question with an awareness from some source that you probably are not supposed to be consuming alcohol while on supervision for an alcohol offense. tells me you have an alcohol problem that needs to be addressed by you independent of what the rules of your supervision call for. If you don't get that under control, it will eventually result in your placement where alcohol is not served.

  3. If you have a court monitor or probation officer, you can check with him or her. Otherwise, read the sentencing order.

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