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How do I know how to look up my case number to see if my discharge is being processed? How long must we wait? I live in VA.

Charlottesville, VA |

We've already been through both classes and are volunteering giving up our house. We have already moved out. Just waiting on discharge papers so we may move and rent elsewhere besides staying with relatives.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You can Google "PACER." You will need a debit card to sign up, but it's safe. When you go into PACER, you can see the entire record of of your case. The cost is very minimal.

    Or you could call the office of your Trustee and ask their assistant. You should get pretty goo cooperation there. Finaly, you can call the Clerk of your Bankruptcy Court and ask. I assume that you don't have your own attorney to ask. Good luck.

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  2. Oops--first of all moving out was NOT a good idea. My link below explains why.

    You should get your discharge two months and two weeks after your hearing date.

  3. Your case number will be on any pleading filed with the court or any noticed you have recieved from the Court. your attorney's office should also have that readily available for you.