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How do I keep a stepson from staying with us when ever he feels like it?

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My stepson is a lazy 37 year old man who has never been able to keep a job for more than a year or more. He has been fired from every job he has had. His mother refuses to acknowledge that she is doing him a disservice by continuing to give him money so he can pay his rent. She believes all his sob stories about how "tough" life is for him. He is a good looking, healthy man who's only problems with life stem from lazyness and an ego that keeps him from accepting "just any job" because he believes it is beneath him. The problem is that he keeps coming back to stay with us for "a little while" so he can "get on his feet". I want to know what legal remedies I have to prevent him from staying in our house. I can't depend on his mother to do anything as I'm sure she will side with him.

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If it's your home, you have a right to exclude anyone you want. If you don't want him in your house then you can tell him to leave, or have him removed by authorities for trespassing (this could result in a criminal charge).

This is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This is for education and informational purposes only. It is always recommended that you contact an attorney with any concerns as each individual case is unique.

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There's little you can do, if your wife keeps inviting him if it's her house, just as much as it's your house.

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I agree with attorney Gould-Saltman. This is your wife's child and it is also as much your wife's home as it is yours. Your best bet is to attend counseling together with your wife and come to an agreement between you as to how the situation will be handled. Only do this if you are truly interested in insight and agreement; if you are just focused on proving that you're right, it won't work. I do not advise you speak about your stepson in front of your wife the way you did in this post - name-calling and lack of compassion may well cost you your marriage. Giving him money and allowing him to live with you may well be doing the stepson a disservice, i don't argue that, but the delivery has got to change.

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I have tried tactful discussions with her to no avail. She agrees with me but does what ever he wants in the end. I am afraid it will become physical before it is resolved . That is why I asked about legal (sheriff etc) remedies.

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