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How do I go about to get a waiver for interlock device in georgia

Atlanta, GA |

I got second dui in 2007. I am not in probation, paid all my fines, had 17 week therapy and dui classes completed. I am also three years sober and involved in recovery program since

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All of the work youhave done todate is lauditory and I sense a hint of pride as well. Ignition interlock may be waived by a judge for good cause, so expect to get a lawyer to assist in what You might find as an unsucessful effort. You have not mentioned any specific basis for the need of a waiver, but good luck. AS a condition for re-instatement of your DL, my guess is you will not get it, but good luck

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I am a CA attorney. While the court can order the IID in any DUI matter, the DMV is taking over this requirement part of their responsibilities in dealing with DUI's. (so far in 4 counties) You might have to deal the DMV in GA. You do deserve praise for your progress- but the installation and maintenance of the IID may be mandatory. Speak with an attorney in GA.

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You have to get the judge to sign an Ignition Interlock Hardship Waiver. I have spoken to the head the legal department at DDS, and the magic words that need to be contained in the waiver are "financial hardship." Make sure the order that the judge signs says something to the effect of "The ignition interlock device is being waived for the above styled case/defendant because requiring this device would cause him an financial hardship." Then send that order to DDS headquarters in Conyers along with your full name, date of birth, and driver's license number. I recommend sending everything certified mail with return receipt requested.

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Thoug all of the factors you indicated in your question would perhaps weigh on the mind of the Judge in your situation, there is no waiver of the ignition interlock requirement other than a "Hardship Waiver". To qualify you would need to prove financial burden to the court as a result of the imposition of the ignition interlock requirement. Typically Judges who grant the ignition interlock hardship waiver will waive the requirement but make a condition of the waiver the special term of probation that you not operate a car until your license is re-instated.

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