How do I go about obtaining the evidence against me in a criminal case?

Asked about 2 years ago - Port Saint Lucie, FL

currently involved in a criminal case in which I was appointed a public defender. Was curious on how i can view the evidence against me in this case. every time I call my public defender she is not available to answer this question herself.

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  1. Jonathan Hackworth


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    Answered . I would simply request a copy of the discovery from your public defender. As a former public defender, I was generally more than happy to share discovery with my clients. It often facilitated great discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of the case against them and potential defenses.

    It is worth noting there may certain aspects of the discovery that must be redacted like social security numbers, dates of birth, etc.

    Good luck with your current situation.

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  2. Amir A. Ladan


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    Answered . I suggest you call the PD's office and ask your lawyer's Legal Assistant. The Assistant can secure a copy of the discovery and mail it to you and can schedule an appointment for you to meet with your PD and discuss the case once you've had a chance to review it. This is a necessary step in the process and one that will assist you both in addressing the case properly.

    Good Luck!

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  3. Dale Christopher Carson

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    Answered . Just request a copy of it from your attorney. If you do not have an attorney or if your attorney will not cooperate, bring it up with the judge.

  4. Patrick Norman Bailey

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    Answered . I agree. Call your public defender's assistant and ask for a copy of your discovery. You have an absolute right to see your discovery. If that doesn't work, then call a supervisor at the public
    defender's office. If that doesn't work, then at your next court date, ask the Judge to have your public defender provide you the discovery.

  5. Colleen M. Glenn


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    Answered . I agree with the other attorneys' responses. Try showing up at the PD's office and asking the receptionist to notify the legal assistant that you are there to pick up discovery. It is possible that discovery has not yet been provided to the PD. If that is the case, ask the assistant to notify you as soon as discovery arrives. Good Luck!

  6. Amanda Powers Sellers

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues. If you are unable to reach your public defender, and you get no response from his/ her legal assistant, you may also put your request in writing or try speaking to the supervisor. Otherwise, hire a private attorney if you are able. One of the benefits to hiring a private attorney is the ability to access information about your case quickly. Public defenders have very high caseloads. I should know, I used to be one. Best of luck!

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