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How do i go about maxing out misdemeanor probation?

Santa Maria, CA |

i have two open cases of misdemeanor probation in santa barbara county ca for dui. on one of these cases i have a two year old beach warrent. i dont think i have any restitution to pay on either case. i wanted to know how to max out everything and be done with it.

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This is not a simple situation that has a blanket answer. One would need to know more about your cases to give you an accurate answer. It sounds like you have two potential probation violations. The time hanging over your head would be six months for the first DUI and one year for the second DUI. The best way to wrap these all up is to first determine why you are in violation of your probation. Once you know why there is a potential PV your attorney can start to fix those issues. The best thing to do is contact a local attorney that focuses on criminal defense law.
Robert Driessen

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Hello there,

More information is needed to know what your want to know by using the term "Max Out" your probation.

These are independent cases out of two different counties. Each county will have to deal with you.


Erick Platten

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Many defendants think that they might have an option of just doing some jail time instead of probation. This is indeed an option, but usually requires several months in jail and, in my experience, when the defendant finds out how much jail time s/he will have to do, s/he doesn't want to do it and chooses to complete probation. You should talk to your lawyer about it.

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I think the problem you have is that your using legal terminology here that calls for one thing I dont think you want. Maxing out typically means you do all of the available jail time on your case. I dont think you want that. On the warrant matter you have the best thing you can do is to take action on it sooner rather than later. An attorney would want to look at both your files to give you the best possible advice. You would also be well served, when you do appear on the warrant to walk in with an attorney. You can avoid jail time by being as pro active as possible. If you need any further advice am happy to speak to you. Im up in Santa Barbara all the time.

Brian Michaels

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