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How do I go about getting an IID Waiver for license reinstatement when I no longer live in the state of the committed offense?

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I have successfully completed all the requirements for both DUI offenses (from 2009-2010) in my home state of GA , and I have since moved to CA. I am trying to reinstate my license here, and one of the requirements for reinstatement by the GA DDS is installing an IID on my car. However, I was told that since I live out-of-state now, I cannot get the device installed, as my IID activity HAS to be monitored in GA. I was then told to fill out an IID Waiver with the county that my second DUI offense was committed in. However, I called the court clerk, and NO ONE will tell me how to go about filing it properly, as it is not an issue of financial hardship, but an issue of me living in a different state. I cannot afford an attorney, and will have to do it on my own. Any help?

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I would think you'd need the help of a GA barred attorney from your question. You want help filling out a waiver from a county court in the State of Georgia. Nevertheless, I would at least call the CA DMV and see what they say. From my understanding, you are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle in this state if you do not have one installed. You would need to install it for 12 months. See the link for more info and good luck.

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Post this in the GA section. These things are state specific. However, most likely you need to contact the GA DMV for that waiver. Not the court.

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I believe you contact a GA DUI attorney. CA has an IID program that might be acceptable.

Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777

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Contact the GA DMV (or DOT or whatever they call the licensing agency). Tell them you now live out of state and need to file a waiver with them to clear your license suspension in GA. You may have to wait out the GA suspension. Good luck.

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