How do I go about filing an emergency injunction to prevent my wife from moving my children out of state?

Asked about 1 year ago - Port Saint Lucie, FL

My wife has decided to leave Florida and take the children with her to South Carolina without my permission. I need to file an emergency injunction to prevent this from happening. Can this be done without filing for divorce? I need to know my options as soon as possible.

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  1. William Charles Rosenfelt

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    Answered . If you are planning on divorcing, I would definitely go ahead and file so that you likely get the benefit of an administrative order that would prohibit leaving the state with the children. Otherwise, you cannot keep them from leaving the state unless you suspect abuse/neglect or something along those lines. Good luck. I would have an attorney file NOW.

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  2. Carin Manders Constantine

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    Answered . You need to file for Divorce and an Emergency Motion to stop the move immediately. Good luck.

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  3. Joseph Gufford III


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    Answered . You need to file an action as soon as possible. The fastest cause of action is through a divorce and an emergency motion in that divorce action. You don't have to necessarily follow through with the divorce but you need a case that you can operate under.

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  4. David Raymond Mahood


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    Answered . What is motivating you into believing you should not file for divorce? She is leaving you. She is taking the children with her. She is not only leaving you, but taking the children to another state. She has apparently not made any plans for visitation or for being fair, and so you come across in your query as rather desperate. So explain again why you believe a divorce is not necessary?

    It is your choice. You do not have to file for divorce, and you do not have to file legal documents to keep the children in Florida. But as the other attorneys clearly explained, if you want to have a chance of keeping the children in Florida, you must file for divorce and ask the court for court orders that the children must remain in Florida. I am licensed in Maryland and California as an attorney, but not in Florida, however, the same principles apply in MD and CA as they do here in FL. Be wise. Act with decisiveness and act to keep your children with you. If you fail to act with decisiveness while your wife sweet-talks you into believing this is just a temporary thing, after Florida loses jurisdiction to handle child custody matters, then she will probably file for divorce and custody in South Carolina, and then you will have to travel to South Carolina for court proceedings, and you will have to hire an attorney licensed in South Carolina to handle the legal battle. If you quickly file in Florida, then you can make her come to Florida for court battles, rather than the other way around. I suggest you hire an attorney licensed in Florida immediately, and act NOW to protect your legal rights.

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