How do I go about bringing my fiancée?

My fiancée lives in London and is on a work permit. we recently got engaged and I would love to bring him to the United States. we have plans on going back to our home country for a wedding celebration, but probably it will happen in 6-7 month. Is it better to bring him as my fiancée here, and solmenize the marriage here than go back together for the wedding celebration back home, or complete the weeding in Bangladesh and than come to the US and then apply for him? If he came as my fiancée on a visa how long would it take for him to receive a green card? is it possible for him to travel with me back home without the green card?

Brooklyn, NY -

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F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III

Immigration Attorney - Portland, OR

You didn't tell us the most important thing .... are you a US Citizen? The reason I ask is that you talk about 'our home country'.

You should meet with an immigration attorney to discuss the best options .. this is actually a fairly complex issue and you need to balance many, many factors.

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Irene Vaisman

Irene Vaisman

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

The other attorneys are correct. If you are a citizen then you have the options you talk about. Of not, can't do the fiancée visa. Schedule a personal consultation to further discuss.

This is not legal advice and a client attorney relationship is not created. For a free consultation call (718)234-5588.
Haroen Calehr

Haroen Calehr

Immigration Attorney - Houston, TX

Need more info. If your a US citizen there are options. If you only have a green card or worse a US work visa than you cannot sponsor your fiancee.

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