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How do I get someones forwarding address?

Royal Oak, MI |

I need to find the location of someone and the post office will not give men their new address. I have their old address, so I'm pretty sure that they have his new one. If I sent it certified mail that will not give me his new address. Wouldn't the freedom of information act help me attain this information? Post office said I need a court order. What can I do to get his new address? I tried the internet and face book, no luck. Help. He lives in Michigan.

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    No, Freedom of Information would not do it. Why do you want this information? The government will generally not help you stalk someone -- you need a better reason than that.

  2. I don't know how you'd obtain it by way of a FOIA request. I suppose that if he wants you to find him, he'll find you. Why the need for his address (as opposed to sending a letter to his old address and letting the Post Office forward it)?

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  3. FOIA request will not help you in this instance. Have you considered trying his last place of employment, or the numerous third party services available online with money back guarantees for bad addresses? Another option would be to seek out a family member. Good luck.