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How do I get someone out of my house if there is no lease, and she has not made payments to me.

Brooksville, FL |

I own a home in a deed restricted community. She should have had a background check prior to moving in, but was only supposed to be here temporarily. She has not paid me since May, there is no lease. Legally I live there, all of my belongings are there, but I have been voluntarily staying at my moms because of her pit bull (and can not stand being there around her laziness). I have a 4 year old son and do not trust the dog with my child.

She does get mail there, but my community does not allow anyone to move in without getting a background check. The electric and water are in my name also. Can I shut the electric off and put her stuff in my carport and change the locks?

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  1. Even if you have no written lease, you can file eviction proceedings in the County Court in the county in which you live. You must first send a three day notice, telling her to pay rent in three days or vacate the premises. I she does not leave or pay rent, you can file an eviction action against her. Forms are available from the clerk of the court.

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