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How do I get out of my lease if I feel unsafe? And there is mold in my apartment.

Addison, TX |

I feel unsafe at my apartment and want out of my lease. My roommate and I have called noise complaints on the people who live above us multiple times. They are very loud and make so much noise that frames fall off of our walls. Most recently we called last night. The officer came and after leaving the man was twice as loud and making noise on purpose to make us mad. We are two young women living alone. On top of all of this, this guy flooded my apartment 2 weeks ago by leaving his toilet running all night. So now there is mold growing in my apartment. But still, the apartment manager won't let us out of our lease. I want to be transfered to another apartment for the same rent price and not have to sign a whole new year long lease. This man is starting to scare us and we feel unsafe. Is thi

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It would probably be helpful to hire a lawyer to navigate this situation if you can find one willing to do some negotiations on your behalf. Apt complexes sometimes do nothing in hopes that tenant wont do anything. But you have to negotiate skillfully to get them. Some of the things you are requesting are very reasonable. However I dont know how successful you would be without competent counsel. Negotiations may only cost a few hundred dollars or so, flat rates may even be possible.

You have some repair issues but review of your lease and examination of your specific facts would determine if you have made appropriate requests for repairs. Good luck!

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It might be a good idea to hire a local attorney who practices in landlord-tenant law to help evaluate your options and possibly negotiate you out of the lease.

This general opinion is for informational / public educational purposes only. It DOES NOT create an attorney-client relationship. No communication can ever replace the specific advice of a lawyer who you have hired to represent you. Each person's situation is different, and additional facts can change legal outcomes. You should consult privately with a lawyer if you have a question about a legal dispute.

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