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How do I get my warranty deed

Denton, TX |

if I have a quit claim deed with warranty deed attached and the property I have the quit claim deed on is paid off 100% how can I get the warranty deed in my name

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Warranty deeds come from record owners (Grantor(s)) and convey an interest in the subject property to whoever is receiving the property by (Grantee(s)). So... you get a warranty deed in your name when record title owners (as grantors) wish to transfer ownership to you through a warranty deed in which you are the grantee. If the record owners are attempting to transfer ownership of the property to you by quitclaim deed, you need to make them go back and do it properly (maybe by getting an attorney like Ms. Smith to draw up the documents for you), because otherwise there is going to be bunch of confusion regarding title to the property until it gets cleared up.

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Unless you bought the property under a contract for deed arranagement, the deed you received at closing is the only deed you will receive. Suggest you accept offer of attorney who agree to review the documents.


Check your paperwork and see if it is a contract for deed. If so, you will need to call the seller and get either a special warranty deed or general warranty deed, pending on the situation. If it is actually a quit claim deed, there are ways to correct it if the sellers are still available to sign it.

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