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How do I get my property or money after someone forged a Quit Claim Deed in my name.

Seattle, WA |

They had it notarized in California and filed it in Kings County, Washington. The property was turned over on Oct 11 then sold to an unknown person two days later. They made $95,000+. What is the proper way to file charges and sue. I read about a similar situlation where the orginal owner sued the Title Company and the Person who forged there name. They recieved over $100000.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. As a general rule a forged deed is void and conveys no title. Unless the title company had knowledge of the forgery (highly unlikely), they would have no responsibility. The "forger" usually grabbed the money and disappeared, but maybe not and could be named as a defendant for damages. Your action should be for Quiet Title and to vacate and set aside the forged/void deed. You should consult immediately with an experienced real estate attorney in the County where the real property is located.

  2. The answer by the Los Angeles attorney was correct.. Your remedy is to file a quiet title action in King County to regain title. Since the notary was in CA, you may have an action against the notary who acknowledged the deed. You may also have criminal and civil actions in both Washington and California. The title company may not be liable unless the Quit Claim deed was part of an escrow at a title company (which I doubt would have occured).

  3. While a quiet title action in the county where the property is located is required, you may also want to notify your county or state law enforcement officials. Your property may be involved in a mortgage scam or some other illegal transaction scheme, and having law enforcement looking for the wrongdoers will be more likely to yeild results than if your real estate attorney is the only one looking for the wrongdoers. Good luck!

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