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How do I get my personal property

My wife is refusing to hand over personal property ,no divorce yet she would no allow me access to the house. Property was purchased before marriage

Spring, TX -

Attorney Answers (2)

Michael Glynn Busby Jr.

Michael Glynn Busby Jr.

Family Law Attorney - Houston, TX

You can go in there and take it out without breaching the peace and the police will likely say that this is proper. Or you can file for divorce an get temporary orders. Best to go in when she is not there or file for divorce. If peace is breached, police may arrest someone.

Jacqueline R. Kriebel

Jacqueline R. Kriebel

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

You'll have to file for divorce and get orders allowing you access to your property. Unfortunately it's a free for all at this stage.

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