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How do i get my money from a case that was already won

Milwaukee, WI |
Filed under: Small claims court

I won a slip and fall case and the judge ordered the defendant to also pay interest by the day in 2005 but i haven't received my money yet, how do i recover the money?My attorney told me i would probably never see the money

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Is this small or large claims? If it is small claims, many counties have booklets on how to deal with the cases. You can file for a supplemental hearing and find out if they are working and where and if they have any assets. If they have no job and no assets or are below the poverty guidelines, there is no way to get the money you are owed.

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You can do a garnishment on either their wages or on their bank account. You can also do an execution against property that they own. Start with the supplement examination to learn where to find which employer or bank for a earnings or non earnings garnishment.

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