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How do i get my kids back from their father asap?

Virginia Beach, VA |

I have full physical custody of my 2 children... their dad has joint legal.. there is no specific day as to when he should have them so he agreed to keep them for a day or 2 so i can go put in some job applications and the next thing i know my friend text me saying i gave up my kids.. he went and got temporary custody saying i dropped my kids off and left them... what do i need to do?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You need to hire an attorney and check into this proposed temporary order if one exists.

  2. Contact a lawyer immediately. Also, go to the courthouse and ask to see your file and check if this is true. If so, be sure to bring a copy of the order with you to see the attorney.

    Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice nor does this create an attorney client relationship.

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