How do i get my ex whom is remarring to pay child support plus he is arrears going on 4year now

He has only made one payment of 400dollars since he was court ordered and he gets to see the kids when he wants and he gets weekend and he is about to re marry

Henderson, TX -

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Vicki Elaine Wiley

Vicki Elaine Wiley

Family Law Attorney - Fort Worth, TX

You can file a motion to enforce child support through the Attorney General's local office. They will confirm his child support arrearage, and give him the chance ( or 2 or 3) to make his payments more regularly & consistently, and if he doesn't, they will invite him to spend a few months in jail. At least he does have a relationship with his kids. That's a good thing.

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Matthew Thomas Majeski

Matthew Thomas Majeski

Child Support Lawyer - Woodbury, MN

Contact They will have access to collection/enforcement measures if it's doable.

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