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How do I get my entry code changed on my DD 214 if I think its incorrect?

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I was given an Article 15 for dereliction of duty in May 2003 . I separated under REEF FYI in Sept . 2004 . I have been reading in different places and doing research that says that upon separation my reentry code should upgrade . I separated less then two years and I also read that company grade ( was a E - 4 at the time ) Art 1st are destroyed after 2 years in your IF . My reentry code is H , thats undergoing a suspension for art 15 . Its been nearly 10 years now . I am really still under s suspension for an art 15 from 10 years ago ? I am a changed person then I was as that young stupid kid . Whats the process for getting my reentry code upgraded so I can re enlist in the AF reserve or NAG ? What evidence do I need to support my claim ? whats the process and where do I start ?

REEF should be Reduction in Force, FYI should be Fiscal Year 04, my rentry code is 4H, IF should Be unfavorable information file, NAG should Air National Guard

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  1. There is NO automatic upgrade or change of a RE code.
    Administrative errors can be corrected by applying to the discharge review board or corrections board, depending on which service you were in.
    Not sure what a reentry code of "H" is.
    RE Codes will be RE - a number and a letter.
    Send us an email for more discussion if you want.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.

  2. There is no guarantees with an upgrade of discharge codes or reenlistment codes, but what you can do is hire a military attorney to submit a package to the applicable military discharge review board. A military lawyer can draft documents, and possibly make oral arguments on your behalf. You should also know that you can submit a package on your own initiative. Another issue you are going to run into is the fact that you are more than three years out from discharge, which means you have to provide adequate justification as to why you did not submit the package earlier. If you want a free consult, please call my number located on my profile, and I would be happy to fill in any gaps. v/r Gerry

  3. The only way to get your RE Code changed, for the most part, is to prove that you were given the wrong code. There are some exceptions, but that is the main reason. You are no longer under suspension for an Article 15. Feel free to contact any of the lawyers on this site for a free review of your paperwork.

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