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How do I get my criminal scoresheet in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale, FL |
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I want to know how many points I have

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Your lawyer should have it.

Legal disclaimer: The answers given are limited to the facts as given and presumed by the answer itself. Without seeing actual written documentation or having a conference to more fully explore the issues, this short answer has only limited application. Make sure to seek legal counsel and provide all documentation to get assistance in making informed legal choices.

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If your case is still open, your scoresheet should be in discovery.

If your case is closed, it can be obtained from the clerk of court in the county your case was in.

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Both of the previous answers are correct, however I want to add that once you get your criminal scoresheet you should review it carefully and make sure that it is accurate. Often times, particularly if you have a common name (William Smith, etc.) the FCIC/NCIC the prosecutor gets can have multiple people with the same name on it. The prosecutor preparing the scoresheet may inadvertently put more crimes on your sheet than you've been convicted of and that will affect your score, and potentially whether or not you score a prison sentence or not. Remember, it is the state's burden to prove the scoresheet is accurate, so do not hesitate to bring up issues of improperly scored crimes with your attorney.

An attorney-client relationship is NOT created by the answering of this question. If you would like to discuss your matter more fully with my office, please contact me to set up an initial consultation.

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