How do I get my car back from my ex-husband?

Asked over 5 years ago - Naples, FL

I am going through a divorce and live in a different state than my soon to be ex-husband. We owned a car that was only in my name. I think he is still using the car, with my tags on it, and without insurance because I had it cut off when we separated. He refuses to give me money for it, I told him I would transfer the title to him if he did. How do I get my car back from him?

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I do not want him using the car if it is still in my name, especially without insurance. He will not tell me if he still has it, and is giving me the run-around. thank you for your help.

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  1. Answered . If the court awarded the car to your husband or if you have agreed in a settlement agreement to give him the car, then you must resort to the court for assistance by filing a motion to compel compliance and/or a motion to permit you to have possession of the car as a result of your husband's failure to comply. If there is no order or agreement and yoru husband is not going along with you verbal agreement, then you may wish to consider a "self help" repossession of the car in a civil and peaceful manner. If the title is in your name and you are going to drive the car, it MUST be insured before you put the key in the ignition. Give the local police notice of what you have done, after you do it, so your husband does not report the car stolen.

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