How do I get Full Custody after Joint Custody, and father has Physical Custody, but he is joining the National Guard?

Father has Physical Custody, and is some how giving guardianship to his father while he is in active national guard duty. How is it possible for him to do that. Doesn't the other parent with joint custody have legal rights? Grandparent is not trustworthy, and father is very manipulative person. He took my son out of our home in South Korea and left me to go to Kansas. I have been looking around the United States for work, and have been unsuccessful. Currently, I am in Florida, and maybe getting a job within a week. Please help!

Boynton Beach, FL -

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Michael John Harrington

Michael John Harrington

Child Custody Lawyer - Rancho Mirage, CA

Petition for sole custody and also object to the guardianship.

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