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How do I get emancipated at 16?

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I am 4 months along with my pregnancy and I'm 16. My boyfriend is 19. My father has soul custody of me, and he does not want my boy friend in the picture at all. Of course, I disagree. I am 16. First, to young to be pregnant and second I need help taking care of a child. We made him together, we take care of him together. If I got emancipated, do I need my fathers signature because he has soul custody or can I get my mothers. (she is more understanding) My boyfriend has a steady income and I would get a job once I moved in with him. He is also in the USMC, which helps a little bit. What I'm saying is we would be financially secure. Also, can my father keep me from seeing/talking to my mother?

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First, tread carefully. If you were under the age of 16 when you became pregnant, your boyfriend, based on the age difference, may be charged with a criminal sexual offense.

Second, Minnesota law does not provide a basis for the emancipation of a minor except by parental permission or legal marriage or, in some extreme cases, where a minor is the subject of a "child in need of protection petition, the court may authorize the child to be in an independent living arrangement that is the functional equivalent of emancipation.

Third, it is possible your boyfriend may be disciplined by the military CO if they find he is seeing a minor against the parents wishes.

Third, if one parent agrees and the other does not, the proceedings are likely to long and cumbersome with limited chance of prevailing on an emancipation.

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But because the age of consent in Minnesota is 16, how could he get charged? My parents do not have a problem with me and him being together, it's just my father who would rather this situation not be happening. Im not understanding, so is there no way for me to be emancipated unless I got married(unlikely), or if I needed protection against my father.