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How do I get custody of my sister and move out?

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Im only 14but there has to be something i can do. My little sister is 3 yrs old and i want to get custody of her and move her and i to nevada with my grandma. My mom drinks a lot and my step dad works most of the time, they both have anger issues.Im like the maid/babysitter of our family. Everyday im scared to go home. Im always getting threatened. My 12yr old sister is pretty much in charge of me. If i dont listen to her ill be punished "hit" and im truely scared to go home. my mom freaks out all the time. im scared one time shes really going to hurt me. My little sister is like my own daughter im always takin care of her,Shes my world. I dont want her to have to go threw the same childhood i went threw. In ely i can take good care of her and she would have a home, food, what she needed.

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If there is abuse happening you should immediately call Child Protective Services at 1-888-SOS-CHILD.


In addition to calling CPS to make a report, you may want to speak to your school counselor or school psychologist about your situation. You will also want to call the Child Abuse Hotline to report what is going on. It is very important that you speak to someone right away so that you and your siblings are protected. Your mother's drinking and the violence that goes on in your house should not happen, and you are right to be frightened for both yourself and your sister. You can also call the crisis center (listed in the front of the phone book) to discuss your situation with someone. Please notify someone right away so that this situation does not continue and you can get help.



I havent been hit yet, but she threatens me all the time, so i just get scared and do whatever she says. But im scared that one day shes actually going to hit me. She gets mad with my sister to really easily and i dont want my sister to get hurt.


Fortunately, CPS is the guardian of these issues. You will need to contact them so that they may begin an investigation. The law requires that CPS and the courts make decisions for the best interests of the children. This will certainly require the assistance of an attorney. You may want to go to the CPS website, as it is very thorough and contains a lot of helpful information regarding your cause. Good luck.

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