How do I get appointed personal representative of my brother's estate so I can file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

My mother doesn't want to file a medical malpractice lawsuit for my brother who passed away under a doctor's care. Since by law, she is next of kin and would be the only one who can file, would I be able to petition to the court to be appointed personal representative of my brother's estate so that I can file? How would I go about doing this and how long would this process take?

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Kamala Maddipoti

Kamala Maddipoti

Business Attorney - Cupertino, CA

An Administrator will be appointed in your case where the decedent died intestate that means without a will. If your mother fails to claim appointment, the court may appoint anyone who claim priority for appointment. You can also seek help from self help centers in filling required paper work.

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Todd Nathan Hendrickson

Todd Nathan Hendrickson

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

You need to do two things. First, contact a probate attorney to open the estate. Second, have a malpractice attorney obtain and review the medical records.

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William Peter Daley

William Peter Daley

Personal Injury Lawyer - San Diego, CA

As the others have suggested you need to go to court and file the paperwork and asked the court to appoint you as the executor or Administrator of the estate.

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You really should hire a probate lawyer.
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