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How do I get an injunction removed?

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Dec 31, 2008 I was arrested for DV. I got divorced on 9/20/2009 (8 month marriage). I still have the injunction. I did not do anything to her. I'm guilty of wanting a divorce, once she realized divorce was coming she played her game. She's done this before. After I got out of jail my brother did an online search and located her in MA/NH. She was married a second time. I never knew this. Speaking with the second husband, I learned his horrific time is about like mine. She has a bad criminal record in MA/NH including DV,assault, 19 charges. I tried to tell the judge this but he didn't care. Since the divorce she has spent her life harassing me with lawsuits(federal,FDLE,civil,St of FL Ethics complaints, an FBI complaint, bar complaints against my former atty,etc,etc,etc,etc)

She claimed I stole from the state of Florida when I was IT director (the FDLE complaint, the FBI one and one of the Ethics complaints). They have all been dismissed. the 2 federal lawsuits she filed against me as pro se were dismissed also. She has many arrests, one for assault with a hammer, one for threatening to kill the second husband's first wife. How do you get the judge to realize that I'm not the one wacked out, and that I didn't beat her as she alleged, and finally get him to remove the injunction against me. I don't see how to reply to your question, so I'm adding it here. No, I want nothing to do with her! I just want my rights and freedom back. The final injunction document says temporary but somewhere I recall reading "permanent". There is no end-date noted on it. The final from 3/13/2009 states "This injunction shall be in full force and effect until (x) futher order of the Court.

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Is the injunction temporary or a permanent injunction? That would make a difference. She sounds pretty crazy so I've got to ask, do you want to have contact with her? There are ways to revisit the injunction, but it can be pretty hard to get the court to reverse itself. You should consult with your attorney and go over these issues in detail to determine the best way to proceed.

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