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How do I get an extension on my court date so I can take a Alcohol Awareness Class that I miss before?

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I was given a DUI couple month ago and I was require to take couple classes for court referral program, however, I missed my 2nd class meeting so I will be resheduling it soon with the court. However, I have a problem here, the problem is that I ll be going to Hawaii for the next couple months. My original given completion date for court refferal classes was on 2-17-2013, but i am not going to be around in california on November, which is my rescheduled time for court refferal classes. Since i will be gone to hawaii when my reschduled court referral program classes begin, am i able to take the court refferral classes in Hawaii? or can i extend completion date for the court refferal classes? .

thank you for your help

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You need to put your conviction and it's consequences first. It is possible to get a sentence modification from the court. You should contact the attorney which represented you and ask that they set this matter on calendar to request a modification in your sentence. There may be programs in Hawaii which the court will allow you to take instead of in California. It's not uncommon for different States' programs to suffice for California ordered alcohol treatment programs. Good luck.

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I agree that you should talk to the attorney who handled your case and also to take the requirements for completing the class as part of your probation seriously. If the class you are talking about is the DUI class required as a result of your DUI conviction, depending on whether it was a 1st DUI or a 2nd or more, you probably were requried to complete a 3, 6, 9 or 18 month program. Based on the completion date stated, it probably is not a 18 month program for multiple DUI offenders. You should get an extention for the completion date. Taking a similar class in Hawaii will not suffice for DMV purposes in California even if the court allows you to take classes there. California DMV will not recognize an out of state class. Talk to your attorney to ask the court for an extension.

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You are playing with fire. Get into court ASAP with your attorney and establish good cause for an extension . HA sounds like vacation time. The court may not accept that.

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You or your lawyer should go before the judge as soon as possible and explain the situation. Get it taken care of ahead of time and definitely do not wait until you miss the next date. The judges usually understand life is complicated and appreciate you dealing with an issue ahead of time instead of aonly after they issue a warrant for your arrest.

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