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How do i get an attorney if i cant afford one

South Bend, IN |
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my husband jus up and left with out any warning..emptied out our joint checking account ..i am a stay at home mom...he has a lawyer......i cant even consult with one because they charge for that...we have 4 children... i am scared and dont know where to turn

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Congratulations on asking the question. The worst thing you can do is become paralyzed by fear. Please act to protect yourself and your family.

Check to see what resources there are in your county. There may be a women's resource center who may have suggestions for you. If there has been domestic violence, contact the local shelter. Depending on your family income, you may qualify for legal aid.

Look through all your financial materials. Determine the amount of your husband's income. Make a list of your assets and your debts. Find out what he took from the check book. A lawyer may be willing to take the case based on the assets you own or based on a motion to have half the money turned over to you. The judges in your area may award your lawyer the same amount of the retainer as your husband paid.

If you do have not much money or assets in your immediate family, look to your family and friends for help. Sometimes extended family and friends want to see you protected and well provided for and will pay for the attorney. Now is the time to swallow your pride and open up to your family and friends to your situation.

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In St. Joseph County there are several different resources that you can try. The first is the St. Joseph County Bar Association. There website address is and there phone number is (574) 245-6753. Then there is the local office of Indiana Legal Services. The phone number for their office is (574) 234-8121. Finally, you might want to try to the District 2 Pro-Bono Services Office at (574) 277-0075.

You may also not want to discount the idea of trying to talk with an attorney. Many will offer you a phone consultation at a no charge. At least this can give you an idea of the possibilities of what it might actually cost to hire an attorney.

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Contact any of the folllowing offices and ask for their for guidance: Your local county's state's attorney office, your local county legal aid office, your local county bar association, or any legal clinics that are connected with the law schools in your vicinity.

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