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How do I get an annullment and how much will it cost me and how quick can it be done and can I do it with out my spouse

Casper, WY |

My name is James L. Wright I live in e3vansville wyoming and right now I have been married to Linette Millman for a little over 6 months, there r no children involved and no shared owned items.

She just wanted to leave for my best friend and so far she has damaged some of my things and has stolen from me, all I want is for this to be over as quickly as possible with out reprocussion to either side. We are both in agreement for this marriage to end and I kinda want to get it done without having to talk to her in any way shape or form

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  1. You may not qualify for an annulment but then you can get a divorce. There are not enough facts here to answer your question. You must contact a divorce attorney to get the help you need. There are plenty of experienced divorce attorney that can help you. Contact the local bar association for their resources.

    IF YOU FOUND THIS ANSWER HELPFUL PLEASE MARK IT SO. This information is provided by PEGGY M. RADDATZ, Attorney At Law as a pro bono service. YOU SHOULD CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY IN PERSON who has specific expertise in the area of law you are asking about.

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