How do i get an "investigator" to stop threatening and harassing phone calls about a debt that's been paid for 2 yrs?

Asked over 2 years ago - Spokane, WA

"investigator" Jim Harvey claims of 2 counts of fraud that is false! The investigator wont give up his office name or location.

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    Answered . Unfortunately, there are fraudulent collection entities out there who will try to threaten you to get you to pay a debt that you do not owe. A debt collector must provide you with documentation verifying the debt if you ask for it and give you an opportunity to provide evidence that it has been paid. If the guy will not send you anything in writing, then do not pay it! As to getting him to stop? That may be difficult if you cannot figure out who he is or from where he is calling. You may be able to pursue identifying the phone number or block the number. Good luck!

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    Answered . Recently, I have had several clients tell me that 'Investigator' Some Made Up Name is threatening them. I tell my client to keep a journal of contacts and ask the 'Investigator' to send them an itemized break down of the money you allegedly owe. If there is a case to sue, it allows the 'Investigator' to hang himself with his own rope.

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    Answered . If you ask for proof that you owe the debt, the debt collector is required to provide it to you. If this person is refusing to even give an office name or location, I would very careful. There have been cases of identity theft, where people pose as debt collectors to get bank account or other personal information.

    Keep a log of the dates and times that he calls, with notes of what he said in each call. If you are able to determine his true identity, it would be useful information should you decide to pursue a consumer protection claim.

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    Answered . I've heard of "Jim Harvey" before. I believe it's a scammer trying to get money from you.

    Minh Tran

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